Friday, September 5, 2008

Who am I personally

Shaoke means "young scientist" in Chinese. This moniker seems to be true, when he graduated from university several years ago at 19 years old, and joined IBM as a HCI researcher. However, he is worried whether he need to change his name when he is no longer young. :D

He is a vagrant all his life. He left home to attend the middle school at nine years old. Eversince, he has not stayed in the same place for more than four years. He is so grateful he has met so many great people everywhere, and so many memorable things. He loves the saying "O ever youthful, O ever weeping" from "The Dharma Bums".

He is kind of buddhist, who believes a soul of buddaha hides in everybody. He has a variety of interests, but is good at few. He played soccer since 1996. He also plays other things such as pingpang, tennis, basketball, and i-go. He practiced aikido for several years when in Beijing.

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Qi Fang said...

Wow! You are so young when you graduate from college!