Friday, October 10, 2008


Dejin Zhao is a 4th year phd student in our lab. He works on informal communication at work place. He is now studying how people use microblog and its potential impacts on collaborative work. His work involves in interdisciplinary fields such as collaborative work,  infomal communication, social networking in organization, web 2.0, and end-user programming.

He has attended four conferences including HICSS, ACM CHI, ACM CSCW, and AMCIS. He gave presentations in HICSS, AMCIS, and ACM CSCW. He was the volunteer of the ACM CHI and ACM CSCW. He is prolific in his research. He published many papers in high-quality conferences and journals including AMCIS, HICSS, VL/HCC, HCII, JSPE, AUIC, etc.

He views himself as a HCI researcher and designer of collaborative and communication technologies. He believes informal and social interactions powered by enterprise 3.0 technologies will have dramatic impacts on future of collaborative work. 

I hold some similar ideas with Dejin. I also value informal communication in collaborative work. For example, I did studies a couple of years ago on lightweight collaborations in the workplace scenarios such as project mangement, exploring how to utilize context information by supporting the ad-hoc, loosely-coupled interaction activities. 

I am also interested in and did some studies on enterprize and organization issues such as project and portfolio management, merger and acquisition, and telecommunication in international organizations when working in IBM. However, I think I focus more on social and psychological aspects. Compared with Dejin whose background is computer science, my background is psychology. So I take less technical view than him.

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